SUB Football response to Covid-19

SUB Football competitions will take place only as they meet the guidelines set out and published by Sport NZ in accordance with the advice from the Director of Health. 

In Level 2, we aim for all SUB Football competitions to proceed with appropriate health & safety precautions a mandatory requirement. In Level 1, these requirements are not mandatory but they are strongly recommended.

These requirements include: 

  • Online "check-in" for players at venue entry to meet contact tracing requirements
  • Hand sanitiser for use before and after your game
  • Avoidance of all unecessary contact
  • If you are sick, please stay home
  • Continue to maintain social distancing principles and wash your hands
  • We strongly encourage your team to wear uniform colours and to have an alternative colour available. Some bib sets are available to teams as and when needed, but as these are restricted to single game use per night, their availability will be limited.

Please bear with us as we adapt to the changing situation. If all players can follow the above requirements, the competition will run smoothly and safely.

In Levels 3 & 4 or if there are significant restrictions on mass gatherings in Level 2, all SUB Football competitions are suspended. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions page for further information on our COVID-19 Refund Policy